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Dink Ladu

320 / 1 kg
  • Dink Ladu

    Dink Laddu

Dink Ladu Make a batch of delicious Dink laddus and have it as a snack instead of processed junk foods. 1. Dink is very nourishing and Dink ladoo is one of the healthy sweets given to pregnant women traditionally as it rich in calcium and protein. 2. It helps one develop strong bones and prevent back pain. 3. Dink is considered a warming food and is best taken during winters. 4. Dink greatly help improves immunity and if had during winter months will prevent from cold and cough. 5. A single Dink ke ladoo will provide enough energy that will last for hours. 6. Dink ladoos are given to lactating mothers too as it is said to increase the production of breast milk.

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